GLOB group

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Our companies operate in individual countries and their regions.

GLOB Production

Complete renovation of apartment buildings, insulation of buildings, renovations and turnkey constructions.

GLOB Develop

Development activity of residential and non-residential projects.

GLOB Alu Steel

Locksmithing and metalwork.

GLOB Construction

Complete construction of buildings.

GLOB Software

Complex, creative and functional software solutions.

Through these individual companies, the GLOB Group provides supplies and services in the range of complete execution of building contracts, production and delivery of roofing and blacksmith products, preparation and execution of development projects, as well as developing and providing of software services.


Since 2007, we have been gradually building an international group from a small family business. We are the GLOB group.


Our goal is always a satisfied client. The way to achieve it is in quality and reliability.


We follow new trends, develop and adapt our services accordingly. Innovation is the future.


The basic pillar of our activities is the emphasis on ecology. We are building an ecologically sustainable world.